Drawings by Scott A. FitzGerald

FSCN0515-title for Machines with S.F.logo


Scott’s deep interest in science and mechanical devices led to this series of drawings of Machines. These enigmatic images can be satirical, whimsical and strange. Each occupies a world of its own where normal pictorial rules do not apply.

A continuous and constantly moving silver line shines across a satin black background. The image is set in motion as gears turn, levers tilt, and the mechanics of space are warped.

The pictographic symbols incorporate electric notations and circuit diagrams in the format of Chinese scrolls and Japanese woodblock prints.

Each original drawing on a black plate is bolted onto a sheet of brushed aluminum. The finished work floats about an inch off the wall.







The calligraphy on Scott’s pieces is presented in a format based on Chinese scrolls. Using about 500 different pictograms (images based on meaning) and ideograms (purely symbolic images) created by the artist, each work has a block of text as well as seals or “chops” inspired by the patterns on a computer mother board. There is also a title block on the upper right similar to the series title of Japanese Ukioye woodblock prints.

















Calligraphy 3


















To view the galleries of drawings in this series, click on the links below. Visit The Artist page at the top to explore Scott’s earlier works, including paintings and etchings. 

Gallery 1

Gallery 2



Scott has produced a series of folding books. Each is a black sheet of rag archival paper with silver pencil drawing, folded so as to reveal different images in sequence. A sliding sleeve, or two, holds the book together. Book with sleeve fits into a brushed aluminum slip case with the artist’s seal.

The books are 2–8 inches high and are 8-16 inches when folded. Fully open, some are 50 inches long. The image starts off simple, then unfolds, adding complexity first in one direction, then another. Opening these books  in sequence resembles a Chinese landscape scroll.

Click on the link below to view images of these folding books.

Artists’ Books Gallery


Contact the artist: scottfitzgeraldart@gmail.com


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